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Why Choose Us

For over two decades, we've worked with CEOs, COO's, CFO's, GC's, CAO's, CIO's, CMO's, CNO's and CHRO's to help them prepare for their executive roles and thrive once in them.

CSuite Accelerator is more than corporate leadership development training. You are seasoned and have already been through all of that. CSuite Accelerator is about getting yourself promotable for an executive role at and near the top of the best organizations in the world.

Client Testimonials

  • Tom Bader

    “Ephraim Schachter helped me to understand and navigate the intricacies of C-level management. His techniques assist me in managing complex situations. Not only do I benefit; my colleagues benefit as well. I am able to help *them* perform better. Ephraim's approach has made me more effective and assisted with my career advancement.”

    - Thomas J. Bader, M.D.

    Chief Clinical Officer, Hackensack Meridian Health

  • "I have benefited from both confidential one-on-one executive coaching and classroom skill training from Ephraim. His friendly style allows people to quickly become comfortable and open their minds. He is very well spoken, always well prepared and has realistic views about people's issues and challenges. I trust him."

    Kathleen Reardon

    Chief Executive Officer, Hiscox Re & ILS

  • " Ephraim Schachter is our go-to C-Suite coach. He combines an open, balanced and objective approach, devoid of personal agenda or preconceived bias, with broad insight and years of experience. His close work with many of my colleagues has maximized their potential and deepened their value to our company. "



  • "For over ten years, Ephraim Schachter has been our resource for coaching our key executives. That's because of his deep understanding of how a complex organization really works and what it takes for a talented leader to thrive and excel within one. "

    - Denise J. Mariotti

    Chief Human Resources Officer, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

  • "Ephraim Schachter truly understands what it takes to lead as an executive at the top of a successful enterprise. He has worked with our C-Suite leaders to help them gain self-awareness and sharpen their executive skill sets. I recommend him without reservation."

    - Gary M. Wingens

    Chairman and Managing Partner, Lowenstein Sandler LLP

  • " In my view, one of my biggest responsibilities is to identify, mentor and position top professionals for executive leadership roles such as Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Ephraim Schachter's model for C-Suite readiness, as well as his executive coaching services helped me personally attain the office I now hold and has helped me prepare critical talent for C-Suite roles. "

    - Drew K. Spitzer

    Treasurer, Chubb Limited



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At a Fortune 100 Life Insurance company, the existing CEO had been grooming his protegee COO to succeed him. The COO, "John," a stoic former actuary, was perceived by many as a first [...]

Senior Accountant to CFO

The Situation:

In a leading Media & Marketing company, a high-performing senior accountant VP, "Jane," quickly developed a reputation for driving results at the expense of building relationship [...]