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Why We’re Here

CSuite Accelerator exists for one reason: to be the premier resource for high-achieving corporate VP’s who are ready to get unstuck and clear their path to the C-Suite.

In the many years I’ve been coaching executives and senior leaders, I’ve come across every manner of Leadership Development model, program and process. There’s a lot of good stuff out there on how to make the important transition from individual contributor to someone who manages people.

What I haven’t seen done particularly well, though, is cracking the code for how to go from talented leader to executive.

And the result of that vacuum is that many talented people, who ought to be in the executive suite leading and making the big decisions, aren’t. They haven’t gotten the support to get there.

Until now…



For close to two decades, I’ve worked with CEOs, CXOs and their teams. I’ve helped them prepare for those roles and thrive once in them. CSuite Accelerator is the culmination of what I’ve taught – and more importantly, what I’ve learned – working at and near the top.

As I said,we’re here for one reason: that is to help high-achieving corporate VP’s clear their path to the C-Suite.

If you have the growing sense that it’s your time to break through, have a look around the site. There’s plenty here for you. In fact, to get started,click the button below and download our C-Suite Roadblock Audit. It will only take a couple of minutes and I know you’ll find it useful.